Deposit and Final Payment

A nonrefundable 25% deposit is required to secure date of hire and items and must be payed for within 7 days of invoice. Deposits can be made via direct deposit, PayPal or cheque.

Final Payments can be made either by direct deposit, PayPal, cheque, or cash on delivery. (Payments via direct deposit, PayPal and cheque must be made at least 1 week before delivery/pickup and have cleared).



A $150 refundable bond is required with final payment. This will be returned within one week of pickup via direct deposit or cheque. Charges for breakages/damages/lost items will apply (see below).


Washing up

All items must be hand washed, dried and repacked in boxes supplied in a safe manner (as were delivered). Table cloths only need to be washed if any stains occurred otherwise can be returned unwashed.


Urn Use

  • Fill water to or below MAX line
  • Lid is to be on at all times during use
  • Turn on. The HEATING light will be lit up. Once the water has reached its temperature the HOT light will be displayed. During use the urn will flick between HEATING and HOT as it goes through its cycles.
  • Always empty urn before moving it.
  • Please empty urn at end of use and allow to cool and dry.
  • Do not immerse urn in liquids


Drink Dispenser 

The glass apothecary drink dispenser is to be used with only cold liquids. NO HOT LIQUIDS. Dispenser works best if there is no lumps in the liquid. I recommend freezing water in lager cups to use as ice.



All glasses can only be used with cold liquids.


Breakage/damaged/lost item costs

Any breakages, damaged or lost items will be charged as below

  •     Tin flower pots        $10 each    
  •     Trays                $15 each
  •     Glasses/milk bottles        $2 each
  •     Mason Jars/Lids        $7 each
  •     Pink bowls            $5 each
  •     Tea spoons            $1 each    
  •     Cake fork            $1 each
  •     Tea strainers           $8 each
  •     Sugar cube tongs.         $4 each
  •     Cake stands/platters        $20-$35 each    
  •     Napkin holder            $15 each     
  •     Cups/saucers             $20 set
  •     Cake plate            $10 each    
  •     Sugar pot             $10 each
  •     Milk jug             $10 each    
  •     Teapot                $25 each              
  •     Tablecloths            $25 each        
  •     Paper lantern            $5 each                
  •     Bunting            $30 each
  •     Urn                $100 each
  •     Drink Dispenser        $100 each